Food festivals are booming right now. More so than ever before. With more people being concerned about what they eat, attendance has skyrocketed worldwide. New festivals are being launched each year to cater for every taste and diet imaginable.
They present an excellent opportunity for foodies and chefs alike to meet local and artisanal food producers in the area, giving you the chance to experience new flavors and maybe a dish or two that you’ve never heard of.
An excellent source of inspiration for any good chef, food festivals are a time for everyone to unite under something we all have in common – a love for food.

There’s plenty of choices when it comes to food festivals in the UK. If you love vegan cuisine then be sure to check out Vegfest in Bristol, with dozens of stalls that sell and teach you how to make a range of vegan products like nut milk and cheese.
Meat more your thing? Meatopia in London sends smoke billowing out of Tobacco Dock as BBQ enthusiasts and passionate carnivores gather for a legendary feast. There are even butchery courses and craft ales!

Mark Hix’s Food Rocks Festival is all about emphasizing the importance and benefits of local fish and seafood. Not only will Hix be hosting his own suppers, there’ll be demos from top West Country chefs and some money raised goes towards supporting various maritime charities.
Other honorable mentions include Loch Lomond Food Festival, Abergavenny Food Festival, and The Big Feastival.

We couldn’t mention France without including a wine festival. The Bordeaux Wine Festival brings both locals and tourists from all over together to celebrate wine, gastronomy, and culture on the quayside.
Omnivore is a festival about food, with no exceptions. It’s dedicated to exploring and innovating new, exciting cuisine and actually takes place in several cities around the world. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and inspiration, you’ll find it here.
The Salon Du Chocolat is a festival orientated around – you guessed it – chocolate! There are top pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and confectioners from around the globe. As well as tasty samples, there’s a pastry show, cocoa show, and a chocolate-centric bookshop.

The Cadiz Carnival is a three-day spectacle. On the first day, residents fill the streets to share free anise-flavoured pastries. The second day is all about oysters – a serious amount of oysters – and beer. On the third day, at the Erizada, fisherman crack open sea urchins by the thousands and serve them free to those who come for the carnival. Not only will you get to sample fresh local produce for free, you’ll be able to get fully immersed in Spain’s amazing carnival culture.
The Water and Jamon Festival, like most festivals in Spain, starts with a fight. After the huge water fight that erupts in the village streets, people turn to their other favorite liquid – beer. The festival is in one of Spain’s most revered cured ham regions, so you’ll get the chance to sample some of the best Jamon available, straight from the source.


With the USA being so huge, there are more festivals than you could visit in a lifetime. Happy Harry’s Ribfest and Great American Foodie Fest are two of America’s most celebrated festivals for meat lovers offering up a range of classic American cuisine and mountains of barbecued delicacies.
New York City Wine & Food Festival and Eat Drink SF are two festivals for those who like to pair their food with a tipple of alcohol. Let’s face it, who doesn’t? With each festival hosting stalls from the finest spirit distilleries, breweries and wineries in the area, you’ll want to make sure Uber is installed on your phone.
Boston Seafood festival is one of America’s finest carnivals for creatures of the deep. For one day only, you’ll find a huge range of fish and seafood, with stalls taking over the Boston Fish Pier. From lobster guacamole to sushi, there’ll be plenty of food you’ve never tried before.



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Ajay is an accomplished food writer based both in the United Kingdom and USA. Credits include Travel Now magazine and Blended magazine

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Ajay is an accomplished food writer based both in the United Kingdom and USA. Credits include Travel Now magazine and Blended magazine